Three Dots And A Dash


Golden and Spiced Rum, lime juice, orange juice, honey syrup, orgeat, allspice, bitters

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Who We Are

Ballmer Peak Distillery is founded and operated by Eric Strom and Austin Adamson. Lifelong friends with a history of creative, ambitious and sometimes crazy ideas that almost get finished. After a spirited conversation in 2014, surrounded by the crisp mountain air of Denver, Colorado and fueled by some delicious whiskey, the two decided to embark on a journey that they would see through to the end. Thus Ballmer Peak Distillery was born. After years of planning, searching and dreaming they decided they’d be in good hands in a cute, stand-alone building in Lakewood, Colorado.

Now, Eric and Austin hope to motivate, inspire and fuel the passions and creativity of others by sharing their delicious, quality creations with the world.